911 RSR “Pink Pig” wins the 24th of Le Mans

June 20th, 2018 by

What a “pig” victory at the 24 hour of Le Mans. The Porsche GT Squad claims a double victory in the GTE-Pro and a victory in the GTE-AM for Dempsey-Proton Racing with the 911 RSR.

The pink pig has returned at the 24th Le Mans with Porsche claiming a victory in the GT class. In case you don’t know how intense the Le Mans is, it is a 24 hour continuous race and is considered the world’s toughest long distance feat. Porsche was up for the challenge, entering their Porsche 911 RSR and bringing back the pink pig! The Pink pig  is based on the 1971 Le Mans vehicles and made its come back nearly 50 years later.

Some are thinking, “Why would you paint the car pink and label the parts of a pig?”  Well, recently, Porsche commemorated its 70th anniversary of performance cars. As a reflection, Porsche emulated the 1971 La Mans race and brought back a blast from the past.

 Watch below to see Porsche celebrating their special victory!


Video belongs to FIAWEC and is not representative of Ray Catena Porsche.

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