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Return Your Current Porsche Lease at Ray Catena Porsche in Edison, NJ

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Drivers from Staten Island and surrounding areas can plan to return their Porsche lease at Ray Catena Porsche.

Even if you began your lease at a different Porsche Center, Ray Catena Porsche is happy to help you through the end of your lease process and possibly start a new one. When East Brunswick drivers bring their Porsche to our Porsche Center, they have options when it comes to ending their lease.


At the End of Your Porsche Lease

Option 1 Re-Lease

Re-Lease: If you love the model you’re currently leasing and want to keep it, we’ll get the paperwork drawn up. We’ll make the process quick and easy if you love your coupe enough to drive it around Westfield for a few more months.

Option 2 Re-Start

Re-Start: Want to experience a new Porsche when you return your current model? Let us know, and we’ll get you into a new lease and a brand new Porsche Macan.

Option 3 Retain

Retain: If you love your Porsche and don’t ever want to return it, buy it at Ray Cantera Porsche when you end your lease with us.

Option 4 Return

Return: If Morganville drivers want to return their lease and explore other financing options on our lot or elsewhere, they can easily return their Porsche to us and gear up for a different luxury adventure.

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How to Get Your Porsche Lease-Return-Ready

Get a free pre-inspection done at Ray Canter Porsche, and we’ll let you know if any issues need to be addressed before it is returned to us. If there is any excess wear on the car or parts, you’ll need to have those addressed before the return as well. Visit or call Ray Cantera Porsche for any questions on steps in the lease-end process, 732-652-9632.

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