Learn How Porsche Is Changing the Game with Active Ride

March 19th, 2024 by

Porsche is no stranger to pushing the mechanical and engineering limits of its vehicles. But this time, it seems like the German car manufacturer has taken things to the next level. New Jersey residents have likely heard of sports cars with active suspension, but the Porsche Active Ride system is redefining what that means.

What Is Porsche Active Ride?

Porsche Active Ride is an advanced active suspension system that is actually reactive rather than adaptive. Essentially, before road and driving conditions change, the system is able to make necessary adjustments to keep performance and agility consistent. Whether you are at the track or on a long drive, the Active Ride system is constantly monitoring what is going on around your Porsche. And it works in conjunction with PASM.
An example of the Porsche Active Ride system.

At each corner of the vehicle, there is a motor pump unit controlling the amount of hydraulic pressure in the damper. Each unit is powered by a 400-volt battery, and they operate independently of one another. Because of this, say you hit the curb of the track with your right front wheel. The left front wheel doesn’t face a direct impact. Over 2,200 pounds of force can be applied at each corner of the car. And honestly, that is completely insane.

Essentially, what Porsche has achieved with PASM and Active Ride is the ability to fake physics. A Porsche equipped with this system will not have issues with roll, pitch, or dive. At the same time, the driving feel is still there.

Porsche Is Taking Things to the Next Level

If you are a car enthusiast in Edison, NJ, you likely know how passionate our team at Ray Catena Porsche is about all things Porsche. That is especially true of developments that allow us to push these vehicles even harder.

The new active suspension system mimics a traditional suspension while eliminating all of its drawbacks. Instead of tinkering with the springs, Porsche uses the dampers to emulate what a spring does. The dampers can change their characteristics up to 13 times in a single second, which is crucial for improving track time.
The all-new Porsche Taycan boasts Active Ride suspension.

Active Ride works with everything from the engine to the electronic locking rear differential. Clearly, this is different from your typical suspension setup. At the Pflanzgarten section of the Nürburgring, the Active Ride system shows off what it is really capable of. There is a downhill jump that most sports cars have to face, but because of Porsche engineering, its cars are able to keep all four wheels on the ground.

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